Remarkable Quality Marble And Granite


My Square Foot is the trusted global marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers across all marketing channels. We provide the valued services to marble, granite, tiles and stone vendors like research their business market potential, manage & onboard business to scale up the growth while delivering the intelligence and insight technology to better the brand and to sell better products and services. My Square Foot is uniquely positioned to help buyers for their appropriate needs and sellers to grow their businesses.

My Square foot is a Jaipur based company that initiated an industry specific thought and develop the whole system to help out the marble industry owners, suppliers, and traders in their business journey. My square foot is a platform that gives an opportunity to vendors, buyer to come closer for any business meet or requirements.

Why MY Square Foot?

After constant research and estimation, my square foot knows the estimated market capacity, demand, and supply chain, Manufacturing, and expected growth rate in marble and granite industry, and this makes it a pioneer.

MY Square Foot understands the problem of marbles, granite’s vendors also understands buyer behavior thus it provides an easy to use platform for both to exchange their business needs.


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